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District News

Job Openings:
Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Head Cross Country Coach

*If you are interested, please email cisaac@sels.us

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Our Mission Statement


The mission of Southeastern Local Schools is to develop graduates who will be prepared to continue their education and to enter the workplace for the purpose of contributing to the benefit of themselves, their families, communities and society. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners who demonstrate exemplary character and responsibility, strong leadership, academic growth, work ethic and communication skills in their communities.

Horas de escuela

Escuela Primaria Miami View

Apertura de puertas: 7:15 am

Clases en sesión: 7: 55a-3: 10p

Sureste Jr./Sr. Escuela secundaria

Apertura de puertas: 7:15 am

Clases en sesión: 7: 45a-3: 00p

Our Vision 

The learning environment of Southeastern Local Schools will be safe and nurturing, characterized by: 


• Students highly engaged in and enjoying learning and using technology purposefully and frequently. 


• Teachers utilizing a variety of current and innovative teaching strategies and assessment tools, focusing instruction on pertinent information related to everyday life and demonstrating an increased use of technology. 


• Parents and community members involved in the educational process. Vision & Mission Statement 

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Primaria Miami View

230 Clifton Road

South Charleston OH 45368

Teléfono: 937.462.8364

Fax: 937.462.7914

Director: Sr. David Shea

Oficina central

226 Clifton Road
South Charleston OH 45368
Teléfono: 937.462.8388

Fax: 1.888.207.9654

Preparatoria Jr / Sr

195 E. Jamestown Street

South Charleston OH 45368

Teléfono: 937.462.8308

Fax: 937.462.8394

Director: Sr. PJ Bertemes


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