SOS Cleans Up!

Last Saturday, the SOS student staff buckled down to help clean the community pool for the close of the season. Students gathered together at 7:00 to begin the cleaning. Lounging chairs were moved into the office, trash cans were emptied and sprayed clean, and the diving board was unbolted and transferred to the girls’ bathroom. After being cleaned out, the trash cans were moved to their final resting place in the boys’ restroom. Any other pool items lying around were placed in the storage room. Within just a small amount of time, all the work was brought to an end.

“Three hours of work was reduced to fifteen minutes. SOS was very helpful,” Brooks Russell, a lifeguard at the pool, comments.

After the work was over, frozen M&M’s were brought out to celebrate a job well done.

“We learned a lot about doing our part for my community, and it taught me a life lesson,” Leah Ruby, Vice Chairman of SOS, says.

Throughout the duration of the year, the SOS Staff will continue to help around the community, as well as sponsor fundraisers. Furthermore, SOS will be behind the scenes creating themes for games, and really showing what Trojan Spirit is all about!