Jr./Sr. High School Door Decorating Contest

The Jr./Sr. High School had a door decorating contest this past week, to get everybody into the Christmas spirit. The theme of each door was supposed to match the subject that is taught in that particular classroom. Here are the doors that entered the contest. The winners of the contest were Mrs. Holland's class in 1st place, Mrs. Madden's class got 2nd place, and Mr. Banion's class and the Office tied for 3rd place. While there can only be one winner in the competition, I think it is safe to say that everybody is truly a winner here. All of the doors were very well done this year, as the students took the contest as serious as ever. Below you will see a photo gallery of all of this year's doors. The first four doors of the photo gallery are in ranking order from 1st to the 3rd place ties, and the rest are ordered randomly. Merry Christmas!!