Proposed Multi-Purpose Building

The Southeastern Local School District would like to get community input regarding a proposed multi-purpose building for the district. The building would be constructed close to the entrance of the track facility. The multi-purpose building would house a full-sized basketball court that would also have side basketball goals (like a regular gym). The court configuration will also allow for side-by-side volleyball practice courts. The building will have a two-lane track encircling the basketball court, and a separate wrestling room. There will also be a training room, possibly two offices, bathrooms, and a storage room. The floor for the building would probably be some type of synthetic composite.

The building would allow K-2 Miami View students to have a recess space during inclimate weather. From December to early March, bad weather keeps our youngest students in their classrooms for recess. This building would give them an expansive area to play. It would also allow our physical education classes to utilize a larger area if needed for class, and save wear and tear on the Miami View wood gym floor. The two-lane running track would enhance our students’ ability to meet state physical education standards during winter months.

The building would be open at select times for the public to use the walking track and open areas. A system of supervision would be worked out to allow for this access. The district would like to incorporate as much public access to the building as possible, with student safety in mind.

The district would like to address our youth league sports with this building. One of the goals is to create enough gym space to accommodate our high school, junior high, and youth league athletes during winter months. Many times our youth league students are practicing into the late-evening hours because they must wait until varsity, junior varsity, and junior high teams are done practicing. The multi-purpose building, Miami View gym, and high school gym would give the district enough space to accommodate all of our practice needs throughout the district.