Information Regarding 2017-18 Kindergarten Students

Students entering Miami View kindergarten should call to sign up for a kindergarten screening appointment. Screening will be August 7th and 8th, which will help set a baseline of the entering students knowledge in reading and math skill areas for our school.

Entering kindergarten students need to also make an appointment for August 16, 17, or 18th to complete the state Kindergarten Readiness Assessment with their teacher. This testing is done statewide and covers reading and math. Please call the office if you have not yet scheduled either appointment. Students who attended Southeastern Pre-K have been screened and only need 1 appointment for the statewide testing.

Kindergarten students will have a staggered start August 21st and 22nd then all kindergarten students will report Wed-Friday. This allows for students to unpack and get comfortable in a smaller setting! You will be notified which day your child will start either Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd after screenings are complete. If you are a Monday start student you will not report again until Wed.