2018-19 School Calendar

Click to Download the 2018-2019 School Calendar

The Southeastern Local School Calendar has some significant changes for 2018-19. The school year will start Thursday, August 30th, as opposed to past years when we started towards the middle of August (We would have started on August 15th this year). One of the benefits of a later start in August is reducing the amount of excessively hot and humid days for students in school, at recess and riding the bus home. Our fall athletic teams and band will also be able to practice in the cooler morning hours for 11 extra days.

In order to get a similar number of instructional hours, each school will be starting 15 minutes earlier. Southeastern Jr./Sr. High School’s start time will be 7:45am and dismissal will still be at 3:00pm. Miami View’s start time will be 7:55am and dismissal will still be 3:10pm.

The intent is to utilize the daily additional 15 minutes for character education and social/emotional development. All students face social/emotional challenges inside and outside of the school day. The ever changing social media landscape can also create a feeling of constant pressure upon students. Hopefully, a daily reflection on social/emotional topics can help to alleviate some of those pressures.

The district will still have a scheduled winter and spring break. There will no longer be a two hour delay for the month of September. The district is adding two hour early releases on November 20th and December 20th to allow students and parents to get an early jump on the holidays. There is also an early release on Janu