Information About SELS Bullying Policy

If you have concerns regarding bullying, harassment and/or any harmful interactions at Southeastern please contact Superintendent/Principal David Shea, Guidance Counselor Valerie Dilillo, or Director of Pupil Services Tim Bell at (937) 462-8364. You may also contact Principal PJ Bertemes, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Craig Isaac, or Guidance Counselor Nick Banion at (937) 462-8308. If you would like to make a written referral, please click here to access the form.

On the front page of the website there is also a bullying hotline for Southeastern Local Schools at (937) 462-5200. In addition to that hotline we have links to the Safer Schools Tip Hotline (1-844-723-3764) and a link to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255).

You may access guidelines for identifying and reporting bullying/harassment/hazing by clicking on any of the following links: