Changes To Southeastern Jr./Sr. High Cell Phone Policy

August 6, 2019

Changes to cell phone policy at Southeastern Jr/Sr High School for the 2019-2020 school year.

Southeastern Jr/Sr High School Handbook:

Cellular phone use is not permitted at Southeastern Jr/Sr High School. Students are not permitted to carry cell phones on their person during the school day (this includes pockets of clothing items worn by the student). A cell phone brought to school should be stored in a student's locker during the school day (7:45-3:00) and out of sight on regular school bus routes. The use of cellular telephones and other PEDs in locker rooms and/or bathrooms is prohibited. Students are not permitted to take and/or post pictures, videos, comments, or communication of any kind to any social media outlet (include, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat) from school, or during school hours. Improper use of cell phones will result in confiscation and/or other disciplinary action.

Students have a hard time tuning out the constant barrage of social media notifications. They use their personal electronic devices for social media, for gaming, for a lot of things that are distracting to learning. The policy change will allow students to learn and grow using the approved technology without the added distractions of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and smartwatches. Students need an excuse to disconnect and we are that excuse.

Our hope is that this policy change will make students less dependent on their phones/smartwatches and more likely to have face-to-face interactions. The benefits are higher levels of class engagement, increase student grades, decrease apathy, increase social skills, increase empathy, safer environment, and more creative thinking and problem solving skills.

We believe this policy will eliminate some of the temptation students feel at times to use their personal electronic devices for the wrong reasons including: taking and sharing photos of instructional materials, cheating on various types of assessments, online bullying, and not interacting with each other during noninstructional time. Additionally, we often find students are unable to function in class because of something they saw posted online or because someone did not immediately respond to a text.

In the past students were permitted to use cell phones during their lunch hour. This will no longer be the case.

Parents needing to get important information to their students can do so through the office or via email directly with their son or daughter. Students are also permitted to use the office phone to contact a parent during the school day when necessary.

We also believe the new policy will make it easier for first-responders to react to an emergency situation. In the case of a true emergency, the last thing we want is 350 students on their cell phones. It's really important during emergency situations that students are listening to the adults on site.

If a student is caught with an electronic device, they will be asked to give it to the faculty member. First-time offenders will receive a lunch detention, and the device will be returned to the student at the end of the day. Second-time offenders receive one extended after school detention, and the device will be returned to an adult. Third-time offenders receive two extended after school detentions, the device will be returned to an adult. Fourth-time offenders receive one day of in school restrictions (ISR), the device will be returned to an adult. Fifth-time offenders or worse, the school’s principal will decide the student’s punishment.

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