Information Regarding Lockdown on April 17th

Parents and Community Members:

On Wednesday, April 17, at approximately 2:50 PM, the school district was placed on a district wide lockdown.  The decision was based on information given to the superintendent from the chief of police about a potentially dangerous person being in the South Charleston area.  Upon learning of this situation, the students in both buildings were immediately moved to their designated safe location and were never in any danger. 

The lockdown lasted approximately 25 minutes when at that time the students were released.  The district would like to thank everyone including the parents for their patience as we delayed the dismissal of school until it was determined that the area was safe, the staff members for following the proper protocol that is reviewed in training throughout the year, and the local law enforcement for quickly responding to the situation. 

Parents are encouraged to sign up for the one call system which will be used to communicate any future lockdown situations.  Click the link to register your number(s).