Notice to the Public Regarding Crosswalks

Trojan Parents/Guardians and Students,

There has been an increase of police noticed incidents and citizen concerns regarding children crossing the streets to and from school. The highest volume of cars to pedestrian ratio in the village of South Charleston is between 7am-8am and 3pm-4pm. This is particularly true in the areas of West Columbus Rd (SR42) / Jamestown Rd and on North Chillicothe St (SR41) / John St. Both intersections are designated and marked with street signs for pedestrian crossings.

Parent/guardians please remind your students to use the designated crosswalks. We have observed students crossing the streets unsafely at unmarked sections of the street. It should be reiterated that a “shortcut” crossing can be extremely dangerous as some drivers are not paying attention to the road and their surroundings. Students should be aware that just because you can see a car does not mean the driver is able to see you.

Pedestrians should make visual contact with the driver of the vehicle first, observe the vehicle come to a complete stop and look both ways. Don’t forget to double check and then cross.

Be mindful of staying as visual as possible Do not stand between parked cars! An oncoming driver may not see you.