SELS Update

Southeastern would like to update our students, parents, staff and community about upcoming events during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, everyone is doing well under our current circumstances. The following are some of the upcoming events and dates that we can address now that Governor DeWine has extended the distance learning only platform for all schools in Ohio.

The school calendar will not be amended regarding the last day of school. The Ohio Department of Education has provided guidance recommending that schools keep their original dates for the already adopted school calendar. With that being said the district does have to make changes to the calendar regarding some of the year ending events.

Graduation has been moved to July 11th. The district is still hoping to have a traditional graduation for our 2020 seniors. The administration and school board desperately want to provide our seniors a ceremony that resembles past graduations. Mr. Bertemes is working on a virtual graduation component if we are unable to provide the traditional style graduation. We are working through all possibilities as directives come through the Ohio Department of Education and Governor DeWine.

Prom is still a possibility. While it may be a tougher event to pull off we haven’t ruled it out yet. Unfortunately, we have passed the originally scheduled prom date of April 25th. We will make a final decision concerning prom towards the end of May. Social distancing guidelines from Governor DeWine will obviously play a significant role in what we are allowed to do. We would love to provide a traditional prom and graduation for our 2020 seniors!

Both Miami View Elementary and Southeastern Jr/Sr High School will create schedules for students to clean out lockers and bring back books/school materials towards the end of the 2019/20 school calendar. Students will also need to bring back Chromebooks during these scheduled times so the district can inventory and prep for 2020/21 school year.

Southeastern will also be continuing the Second Harvest food box distribution through the end of the school year. At that time we will look at the economic impact across the community and the need among our students for guidance over the summer. Hopefully, the economy will be doing better for everyone across Ohio and things will be back closer to normal. But if this is not the case we will look to continue the food box distribution once a week during the summer.

House Bill 197 states that schools are to “keep students actively engaged in learning opportunities for the remainder of the year.” Districts across the state of Ohio continue to find new and inventive ways to keep students actively learning. We do understand this is a different process for our staff, students and parents that can at times present unforeseen challenges. With that in mind Southeastern Local Schools will make the following changes to our grading practices for the fourth quarter:

MIami View

-Fourth quarter grades for all students grades K-6 will not count towards the final grade average. The grade point average for the 2019/20 school year will be calculated from the first three quarters only.

-Students will be getting either an S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement), U (unsatisfactory) or I (incomplete) for interims and the fourth quarter grade. Kindergarten and first grade will be utilizing its normal grading scale for the fourth quarter.

-May 1st will be the final date teachers will be assigning work for grades. After May 1st teachers will be working with students by providing remediation and enrichment assignments. The May 1st timeline will allow students and parents ample time to get past assignments turned in without feeling overwhelmed with further school work.

-During this time teachers will continue to monitor student progress by utilizing distance l