Sport Physicals for 2019-2020


Each athlete that participates in a sport at Southeastern must received a physical from a doctor as well as fill out a physical packet.  This must be done yearly and it must be on file in the athletic director's office PRIOR to the athlete being allowed to practice.


Athletes must complete a physical packet and it must be on file in the Athletic Director's office prior to the start of the first practice.


Click here for a 2018-19 packet.


Starting in 2015, Private Profile, in cooperation with the OHSAA, are offering parents and athletes have the option to fill out their physical background information online prior to their visit to their doctor.  If you are interested in that option, click the link below for more information.


Click here to being the process of completing an online physical.




In order to participate in athletics, all athletes must have medical insurance coverage.  Athletes who don't have insurance have the option to purchase coverage through GTL insurance.


Click here for a enrollment form.


Home Schooled Students and Sports


The Ohio Legislative Branch recently passed an act that now allows home schooled students and students who attend a non-public school chartered through the Ohio Department of Education to participate in extracurricular activities in the home district.  Extracurriculars includes athletics but also dances, the play, etc.  Below is a checklist of requirements that athletes would need to meet in order to be eligible at Southeastern.  To participate in other extracurriculars, the students will have to meet the same items on the checklist that are academically related as well as enroll in the drug testing program.  


If you are interested in participating in a sport, please contact Tim Bell, athletic director, @ 462-8308 x 106 to set up a meeting to go over the requirements.  For any other extracurricular activities, you should contact the main office at 462-8308.


Home School Athlete Checklist 


So you are new to Southeastern and want to play sports?



The OHSAA has specific rules for students that enroll from another district into Southeastern and want to play sports.  The overall guideline is once you enroll at Southeastern, you have to sit out 50% of the next season of the sport you participated.  For example, if you played football at School A and then transferred here this school year, you would have to sit out 5 games of the football season, plus 50% of any other sport you played at that school last year. This rule applies to only high school athletes.


There are some exceptions to this rules:

1) You are an incoming freshman.  The transfer rules start when you enroll at a school your freshman year.  They do not apply to jr. high students.  


2) You made a legitimate move into Southeastern.  In this case, you need to fill out an affidavit stating that you moved into the district and get it notarized.  Drop the form off to Tim Bell, Athletic Director, and he will send it into the OHSAA for approval.  Below is a link to the affidavit form.

OHSAA Legal Change of Residence form 


3)  There was a legal change of custody from one parent to another.  In this case, you will need to set up a meeting with Tim Bell, Athletic Director, and bring a copy of the court order and a copy of the petition for change of custody.  These, along with a cover letter, will be sent to the OHSAA for approval.


4)  Your school closes.  No approval needed


5)  You are a self supporting student.  This is a complicated procedure.  Forms must be submitted every 30 days along with the requested documentations.  

Request for self supporting student

Explanation of process for approval for self supporting student


6)  Your new home is still under construction and not ready for you to live in.  You will need to set up a meeting with Tim Bell, Athletic Director, and bring a copy of the purchasing agreement that states the possible date of habitation.  This, along with the cover letter, will be sent to the OHSAA for approval.


If you have questions, please contact:

Craig Isaac

Athletic Director

Southeastern High School

(937) 462-8308 x 106

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