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2023-2024 School Board

Financial Information

The Healthcare Reform Act mandates that regardless of eligibility status the district must notify the staff of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage and the Exchange Notice.

The Southeastern Local School District’s Unaudited Financial Statements are available for public inspection. The Statements may be viewed by appointment by contacting Ben Kitchen, Treasurer at 937-462-8388 or mail PO Box Z, 226 Clifton Rd, South Charleston, OH 45368.

Student Wellness and Success Funding Plan


SELS Ohio Checkbook

Governments, just like individuals, have checkbooks to keep track of spending on items such as office supplies and fire trucks. Click the link above, to see how Southeastern Local School District spends.

Fiscal Year 24

5 YR Forecast Spring 2024

April FY24

March FY24

February FY24

January FY24

December FY24

November FY24

October FY24

Five Year Forecast Fall 2023

September FY24

August FY24

July FY24

Fiscal Year 23 Financials

June FY23

May FY23

Five Year Forecast, Spring 2023

April FY23

Mar. FY23

Feb. FY23

Jan. FY23

Dec. FY23

Nov. FY23

Oct. FY23

Sept. FY23

August FY23

July FY23

5-Year Forecast

Fall 2022 Report

Fiscal Year 22 Financials

June FY22

May FY22

April FY22

Mar. FY22

Feb. FY22

Jan. FY22

Dec. FY22

Nov. FY22

Oct. FY22

Sept FY22

Aug FY22

July FY22

Fiscal Year 21 Financials

June FY21

May FY21

Apr. FY21

Mar. FY21

Feb. FY21

Jan. FY21

Dec. FY21

Nov. FY21

Oct. FY21

Sept. FY21

Aug FY21

July FY21

Fiscal Year 20 Financials

June FY20

May FY20

Apr FY20

Mar FY20

Feb FY20

Jan FY20

Dec FY20

Nov FY20

Oct FY20

Sept FY20

Aug FY20

July FY20

Fiscal Year 19 Financials

June FY19

May FY19

Apr FY19

Mar FY19

Feb FY19

Jan FY19

Dec FY19

Nov FY19

Oct FY19

Sept FY19

Aug FY19

July FY19

Fiscal Year 18 Financials


June FY18

May FY18

Apr FY18

Mar FY18

Feb FY18


Jan FY18


Dec FY18

Nov FY18

Oct FY18

Sept FY18

Aug FY18

July FY18

Fiscal Year 17 Financials

June FY17

May FY17

Apr FY17

Mar FY17

Feb FY17

Jan FY17

Dec FY17

Nov FY17

Oct FY17

Sept FY17

Aug FY17

July FY17

Fiscal Year 16 Financials


June FY16


May FY16


April FY16


March FY16


February FY16


January FY16


December FY16


November FY16


October FY16


September FY16


August FY16


July FY16


Fiscal Year 15 Financials


June FY15


May FY15


April FY15


March FY15


February FY15


January FY15


December FY15


November FY15


October FY15


September FY15


August FY15


July FY15






Contact the Board of Education

Mr. Hans Eriksen (President)


Mr. Greg Rice (Vice President)

Mrs. Kim Owens

Mr. Jeff Banion

Mr. David Farrell


Mr. David Shea (Superintendent)

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