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Open Enrollment

2022-2023 School Board


Contact the Board of Education

President: Mr. Tony Entler


Mr. Greg Flax

Mrs. Kim Owens

Mr. Greg Rice


Mr. Hans Eriksen


Mr. David Shea

2023-2024 Open Enrollment Application


Open Enrollment Guidelines



Open Enrollment


Open enrollment is on a first-come first serve basis with consideration to the size of classroom space that is available after resident students are enrolled.  Applications will be accepted from May 1 until June 15 for the following school year. Kindergarten students’ acceptance will be delayed through the summer depending on how many applicants and resident students we receive at the time of registration. For specific details on Open Enrollment please read the Guidelines for Inter-District Open Enrollment. If you have any questions please call Linda Cheney at the Central Office at 1-937-462-8388.

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