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Tim Bell:

Dean of Students

AJ Woods:

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Nichole Ankeney:

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Valerie Dilillo:

Miami View Elementary School Staff


Mrs. Kaverman- PS:

Mrs. Cross- PS:


Ms. Herier- KG:

Mrs. Call- KG:

Mrs. Lee- KG:

First Grade

Mrs. Delk- 1st Grade:

Mrs. Bertemes- 1st Grade:

Mrs. Little- 1st Grade:

Second Grade

Mr. Ennis- 2nd Grade:

Mrs. Hunter-2nd Grade:

Mrs. Black-2nd Grade:

3rd Grade

Mrs. Kitko- 3rd Grade Math:

Mrs. Hennigan-3rd Grade Sci/SS

Mr. Josh Murray- 3rd Grade LA:

4th grade

Mrs. Perry- 4th Grade Math

Mrs. Spears- 4th Grade LA:

Mr. Mescher- 4/5th Grade SS

5th grade

Mrs. Rains- 5/6th Grade Science:

Mrs. Blair- 5th Grade Math:

Mrs. Spitzer- 5th Grade LA:

6th grade

Mr. Cooper- 6th Grade Math:

Mrs. Corbitt - 6th grade L.

Mrs. Mescher- 5th/6th Grade SS:

Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Mitchell- Intervention:

Mrs. Russell- Intervention:

Mrs. Buckley- Intervention:

Mr. John Marcus-Murray- Intervention:

Mrs. Wright - Intervention:

Mrs. Harbage- Title I:

Special Areas

Ms. Watson - PE:

Mrs. Sheeley- Music:

Mr. Kestner- Band:

Mrs. Detty- Art:

Mrs. Brady-School Nurse:

Mr. Gummel- Cafeteria:

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