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National Honor Society

NHS Adviser:

Kristen O'Hara



The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in the students of Southeastern High School.


Selection Procedures:


To be eligible for selection, a student must be a junior or senior with a 3.33 or higher cumulative grade point average, must have been a student at Southeastern High School for at least one semester, and must be enrolled in at least four academic classes per year. Students attending joint vocational schools must have received four academic credits each year they attended the high school. Academic classes include language arts, foreign language, mathematics, science, social studies, and computer science. 


After the fourth semester for juniors or the sixth semester for seniors, eligible will complete and return application packets provided by the adviser. All faculty members will be given the opportunity to evaluate all candidates in the areas of leadership and character.


The five-member faculty council will then select members based on the applicants' effective demonstration of scholarship, service, leadership, and character by a majority of votes cast. The final decision rests with the faculty committee for screening candidates.

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